Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lets get started!

Hello there ! I created this blog feeling inspired and motivated because i was looking at other people's FABULOUSSSS blogs and they were so awesomee. man. I'm too chicken to do videos, but I thought blogging would be fun. remember the age of xanga? this really reminds me of it, but in a more grown-up manner.

I'm probably not going to have many views, but it's the expression that counts..right? well anyways, for those interested in knowing a little bit about moi...well here we go!

Lets see. I began watching youtube videos and randomly searching for makeup tips and tricks for some reason, and I soon became an ADDICT. no joke. just ask my sister. anyways, soon after I became a sick and obsessed mac-aholic and anything makeup related. Now I'm 19 just living life, and still practicing on myself and whomever lets me ya know. I have a very big love for makeup and beauty, and I hope to branch out to others who have the same interests as I do. this is why I'm here, and I am sooo excited.

People! come to me. well yes, I love watching haul videos and monthly favorites and just anything makeup related, I am there. We shall see what this blog will have in store for me. too underrated. seriously.


  1. hola newcommer :) i stumbled upon your blog! welcome to the blogging world. i was like you too! i started my site due to the interest in makeup and all that good stuff. i love watching youtube gurus and bloghopping. hopefully this would be a good start for you :) welcome to the community.

  2. Good luck with the new blog! :) x

  3. Welcome! Im excited to see more from you!!