Tuesday, July 21, 2009


HMMM.....so I'm still a little -iffy on this blogging stuff. I'm not quite sure just how to get started! But I'm trying to get familiar with all the gadgets available here. =] Anyways, I want to do fun stuff like post pictures and what not, because pictures are so much more entertaining, I think. But I need to fix my stupid camera because it's acting up, and mama don't play that. haha.

Yesterday, I went to the infamous LUSH in downtown. I knew the store existed before all this hype but I was always scared because the smell is so intimidating. Well, I went in and asked the sales associate some suggestions and she did a message on my hand and well, it was pretty DIVINE. my skin felt so good. I could NOT stop touching myself! HAHA, SICKO. anyways, I didn't want to buy everything cause the prices are up there. So i bought myself a BUFFY bar that is meant to be a body exfoliator and a moisturizer in one. I tried it yesterday night and though the bar is definitely good, it feels a bit too rough at first, and for the price you pay, you seriously do NOT get enough product. ugh. I also got me some PORRIDGE soap, and some SANDSTONE soap to try out. I haven't tried them out but hopefully they will not disappoint.

In addition to LUSH, I also went to a MAC counter and I saw the displays for BABY BLOOMS and the other one that is also coming out on JULY 30TH. It's the one with all the starflash eyeshadows, and eye kohls I believe. hm, can't really say I am impressed with baby blooms. The pigmentation of the lip products is very low, but I think that's the purpose because it's a more natural and light collection. In additon, all the lip products are spf 15 I believe. I swatched the lilac one, and it was SUPER SHEER. super. For 14.50 I'd rather just buy burt's bees or something. Yeah. And then the tinted moisturizers....hm.....I did swatch one and the coverage is okay, but then again, for 29.50 there are many other products out there that are better. I like my coverage to be pretty full, so this one isn't for me, but for those that love a little coverage and something moisturizing, this may be your new bff. =]

The eyeshadows were nice, but if you are not a fan of glitter and shimmery products on the lid, you should pass or just look at the eyeliners. I believe there are like 12 new shadows or something like that, unless some are being repromoted...=/ . You just have to check that out when it comes out. It should be interesting.

Well, until my camera works I can't put up any picturess BOOO. but do not fear. There will be some soon! Tell me what you want to see =] . I'm not shy. haha.

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