Wednesday, December 16, 2009

holy grail!

It's been quite some time! A long hiatus due to school and what not...we all know how it goes. SO WHAT IS THE TOPIC OF DISCUSSION?

I haven't been motivated lately to buy any makeup lately. I don't know if it's because I have A LOT or because nothing is eye-catching enough. hm...could be a mixture of both. Anyways, I'm just gonna list some of my holy-grail products. Products that have stood by, and have yet to disappoint!

1. UDPP or TFSI or painpots. JUST PRIMERS in damn general. yes u can use concealers and foundations, but nothing beats the long-last effect these primers have on eyeshadows!
2. MAC BRUSH 217 AND 135. Just beautiful.
3. NARS LAGUNA BRONZER and Bahama Mama's bronzer. together they give the best color to the face and most effortless contour.
4. Soft brown eyeshadow from MAC. this needs to be an essential in everyone's kit. seriously.
5. BLANKETY lipstick from MAC...its an amplified. looks very similar to VIVA GLAM II. best nude ever. has a pinky/purply undertone. greatnessss.
6. Mario Badescu! drying lotion !

As for now, these are my top picks. Foundations always change for me. But yes, i need to feel motivated again. I need sources of inspiration. More posts soon!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

MY FAVES for the month of JULY !!!

Well well here we go. July was my birthday month and it was just greatness. Had a lot of good times with friends and what not, but we're not here to read about what I do with friends...but what I LOVED this month in regards to makeup and what not. Let's get started! [my camera is still being bad, so no photos again this time around. Sorry!]

1. Don't have a fave moisturizer, but I have been using Kiehl's and it's ALRIGHT. Nothing too too special, but it works, ya know.
2. I have been trying out different primers, and I really like the matte-fying gel by MAC. It's a good silicone-based primer and allows me not to stress about looking too oily and all that nastyness. LOVERS IT.
3. Hm...I use to use Studio Tech, but it is so G-DAMN expensive, and it was a bit too cakey so I started using Full Coverage by MAC and it's good because I can sheer it out in places where I don't need too much coverage but also have full coverage in those yucky places. It's a good cream foundation and u get so much more than the studio tech, in terms of amount. AND THENNNN!!!! I had stopped using Revlon Colorstay Foundation and I do not know WHY because it is sooo good! I started using it again and I apply it with my fingers, and man! It's good drugstore stuff. GO GET IT!

1. I ALWAYS use painterly paint pot, but I've also been using NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk in conjunction. It's great and my loveeee.
2. Shadows are alwaayssss going to be hard to choose, but VANILLA in pressed form by MAC is great for highlightingg....and I have been loving PRUSSIAN near my lash line and smudging out. Just any matte2 is my fave. It's really great stuff. In addition, Kat Von D's pallets are really good stuff, highly underrated actually. Really fab MAC dupes in all her pallets. I have two, the gypsy one and I believe Beethoven or Ludwig. The one with the purples and blues. Yeah, good quality, pigmenation, originality and dupes.
3. Always and forever will use BLACKTRACK FLUIDLINE. haha, jk. well its all I use actually.
4. Brows-----I use a pencil by Artistry in Charcoal to fill in any sparse areas then I fill it with a brown brow powder that I got in a dollar store. It was ridiculously cheap and it's ridiculously good. BELIEVE IT. haha
5. MASCARA MASCARA MASCARA. I am forever in love with Rimmel's Sexy Curves. I don't need to curl my lashes or anything and it gives me volume and length and CURL! man, although the waterproof version is WHACK, the regular is to die for. Until I find a better one, it's on me everyday.

1. I always use a bronzer-either NARS laguna or MAC Solar Riche. Gives my pale face some color, and it's fabulous stuff.
2. For blush, I like to change it up everyday, BUT BUT BUT, Dainty Mineralize Blush is great stuff and Lillicent Blushcreme is also a winner for me. The two together is goo-goo-ga-ga. =]
2. Not much of a highlighting girl, but if I do, I just use the highlight that was part of the duo-mineralize skinfinish collection with half highlight and half skinfinish natural. I use it in MEDIUM.

1. I have learned the hard way how important it is to MOISTURIZE your lips before applying lipstick. ughhh, all that dead skin is just disgusting. I use Victoria Secret's lip balm that's part of the Beauty Rush line. I use the one in clear shine before bed and anytime my lips feel chapped. THIS IS THE SHEIIITTT. gogogogo get it. So cheap and so good.
2. Sephora actually makes good lipsticks I think. I use #19, and it's like half lipgloss and lipstick in a tube. It smells good and is very shimmer-free. We're not 9, we don't need shimmery and glittery lips. No offense. But yeah, they are 12 bucks, but completely worth it. Love it, going to get some more!
3. MAC Lipsticks...we have a love hate relationship. Although I love cremesheens, I wish they had more variety! But I just picked up this red lipstick in Dare You and's fierce and totally going to be my new love. UGGGHH! It's so gorgeous it makes me sick. haha

Well, I believe that's about it for my fave products of July. Some were sort-of review-ish, but it's all good. Enjoy! And tell me what you think! If you're a follower, great! If you are not, FOLLOW ME! I would love to know who else reads my blogs besides myself. haha! Until next time mes amis =]

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wassupppp I'm still a little -iffy on this blogging stuff. I'm not quite sure just how to get started! But I'm trying to get familiar with all the gadgets available here. =] Anyways, I want to do fun stuff like post pictures and what not, because pictures are so much more entertaining, I think. But I need to fix my stupid camera because it's acting up, and mama don't play that. haha.

Yesterday, I went to the infamous LUSH in downtown. I knew the store existed before all this hype but I was always scared because the smell is so intimidating. Well, I went in and asked the sales associate some suggestions and she did a message on my hand and well, it was pretty DIVINE. my skin felt so good. I could NOT stop touching myself! HAHA, SICKO. anyways, I didn't want to buy everything cause the prices are up there. So i bought myself a BUFFY bar that is meant to be a body exfoliator and a moisturizer in one. I tried it yesterday night and though the bar is definitely good, it feels a bit too rough at first, and for the price you pay, you seriously do NOT get enough product. ugh. I also got me some PORRIDGE soap, and some SANDSTONE soap to try out. I haven't tried them out but hopefully they will not disappoint.

In addition to LUSH, I also went to a MAC counter and I saw the displays for BABY BLOOMS and the other one that is also coming out on JULY 30TH. It's the one with all the starflash eyeshadows, and eye kohls I believe. hm, can't really say I am impressed with baby blooms. The pigmentation of the lip products is very low, but I think that's the purpose because it's a more natural and light collection. In additon, all the lip products are spf 15 I believe. I swatched the lilac one, and it was SUPER SHEER. super. For 14.50 I'd rather just buy burt's bees or something. Yeah. And then the tinted did swatch one and the coverage is okay, but then again, for 29.50 there are many other products out there that are better. I like my coverage to be pretty full, so this one isn't for me, but for those that love a little coverage and something moisturizing, this may be your new bff. =]

The eyeshadows were nice, but if you are not a fan of glitter and shimmery products on the lid, you should pass or just look at the eyeliners. I believe there are like 12 new shadows or something like that, unless some are being repromoted...=/ . You just have to check that out when it comes out. It should be interesting.

Well, until my camera works I can't put up any picturess BOOO. but do not fear. There will be some soon! Tell me what you want to see =] . I'm not shy. haha.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lets get started!

Hello there ! I created this blog feeling inspired and motivated because i was looking at other people's FABULOUSSSS blogs and they were so awesomee. man. I'm too chicken to do videos, but I thought blogging would be fun. remember the age of xanga? this really reminds me of it, but in a more grown-up manner.

I'm probably not going to have many views, but it's the expression that counts..right? well anyways, for those interested in knowing a little bit about moi...well here we go!

Lets see. I began watching youtube videos and randomly searching for makeup tips and tricks for some reason, and I soon became an ADDICT. no joke. just ask my sister. anyways, soon after I became a sick and obsessed mac-aholic and anything makeup related. Now I'm 19 just living life, and still practicing on myself and whomever lets me ya know. I have a very big love for makeup and beauty, and I hope to branch out to others who have the same interests as I do. this is why I'm here, and I am sooo excited.

People! come to me. well yes, I love watching haul videos and monthly favorites and just anything makeup related, I am there. We shall see what this blog will have in store for me. too underrated. seriously.